He Answers

Let me begin by saying that I am completely and utterly overwhelmed at the amount of support I have on my team. Thank you to those who have sent encouraging messages, comments, phone calls, and texts. Thank you to my loyal readers who have followed me from my initial diagnosis and continue to stand by me through this next journey by uplifting me in prayer. Also, a big thanks to my new followers who found me through an internet search or word of mouth. I have a whole army of prayer warriors, and I am humbled that you each care so deeply about my victory. In fact, from yesterday’s posts until now, I have had well over 2,000 views on my blog. Thank you for sharing my story and spreading the hope!

My sweet husband and I went to bed last night with a huge prayer request on our hearts. We desperately wanted to hear back from this doctor at MD Anderson, and fervently asked God that we would hear from him personally in the morning. Bright and early, my phone rang. It was a Houston number. In fact, it was the physician. I immediately answered and was able to speak directly to the doctor I so desperately needed. Long story short, he completely agreed that I need immediate surgery to remove the mass. Chemotherapy before surgery just won’t cut it. We’ve got to get this beast out of me as soon as possible. In addition, he encouraged me to remain positive and believe that with this surgery, there will be no more signs of cancer in my body, and that I will beat this. I told him, “Doc, I’ve got this…I’m very confident that I’ll beat cancer!” Not only did he confirm our beliefs for immediate action, he doesn’t find it necessary for us to travel to Houston just yet. He believes that everything my doctors are doing here, is what he himself would do there. Praise God! Now we don’t have to worry about traveling and all of the insurance hoopla! With all that being said, it’s true…God answers prayer. Not that we have ever doubted that for a second, however, while we’ve known that for most of our lives, we can’t recall such a big prayer being answered so quickly. Right when I’m not sure, God shows up. He’s right here, and while I can’t see Him, I know His hand is all over this situation.

Now that that prayer has been answered, we would like to share another one. After further speaking with my Gynecologic Oncologist, who happens to be my previous surgeon and will be this time as well, she informed me of the exact location of my tumor. It is hanging out right next to my sigmoid colon. In easier terms, it’s partying right around my lower colon/bowels. Because of its location, she won’t be able to know for a fact if it’s actually connected to that organ or not until she opens me up. There are three possibilities we are facing. One: She begins surgery and sees that the mass is not connected to my colon, and can therefore, easily remove the tumor without anything else. Two: My tumor appears to be slightly attached or embedded in my colon, in which case she would need to remove part of my colon, and perform a temporary colostomy. Temporary meaning, I would receive a colostomy until my chemotherapy was finished and as long as there is not another recurrence, she will later repair my colon. Three: The monster is too deeply attached or embedded in the colon, and she will need to remove the organ and perform a permanent colostomy. For those who are unaware of the medical procedure I’m referring to, feel free to look it up here. To be frank, while I know that a colostomy is not the end of the world, and will allow me to live a fairly normal life, I’d really prefer not to have to go down this path. Please pray and believe with us that the tumor is not attached to my colon and that my surgeon will easily be able to remove it without having to remove the organ as well. We know that God answers prayer, and are standing firm in our faith.

As I have mentioned, surgery is a priority. It needs to happen immediately, and now that all of my doctors are on the same page, we can proceed. Buckle up friends…My procedure has been scheduled for tomorrow morning. Yes…tomorrow, Friday the 29th, as in less than fifteen hours from now. We are more than okay with this, and in fact, are welcoming it. We understand that in order to ensure the best possible outcome, this mass needs to be removed. I’m ready to have this thing out of me. While we know and appreciate that many of you will want to stop by beforehand to pray with us, we politely ask that you pray from where you’re at in order to ensure that the waiting room does not overflow. Plus, if I didn’t have to be up and around before 6am, I wouldn’t. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to! Surgery will begin around 7:30am. For those out-of-state, we are on mountain time. Matt will be taking the reins and doing guest posts to update everyone on my progress. The surgery should take two hours, and I will be in recovery for a couple of hours as well. By noon, I should be in my room highly medicated for the expected pain that I will be experiencing. Is it wrong to say that I’m looking forward to that part? No, not the pain…the medicine! By Saturday I am sure I will be comfortably settled in and more than willing to have visitors. For those wanting to visit, please text myself or Matt.

To recap: Tomorrow morning I’m getting cut open. Pray that the tumor is not attached to my colon, or any other organs for that matter. Pray for wisdom and guidance for my surgical team. Pray for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. Pray for my dear husband, that he will feel the supernatural hand of God and that he will experience peace, calm, and assurance. And please pray for me, that God will give me strength, peace, and confidence. Neither of us are very nervous now, but it might be a different story in the morning.

For those who might be anxious about this procedure and the trial we face… know that we are confident in a complete healing. We rely on our Savior to direct our steps. He has gone before us and has prepared the way.

I’ve beat cancer once, and I’ll beat it again.

Psalm 18:32-42 (The Message)

“Is there any god like God? Are we not at bedrock? Is not this the God who armed me, then aimed me in the right direction? Now I run like a deer; I’m king of the mountain. He shows me how to fight; I can bend a bronze bow! You protect me with salvation-armor; you hold me up with a firm hand, caress me with your gentle ways. You cleared the ground under me so my footing was firm. When I chased my enemies I caught them; I didn’t let go till they were dead men. I nailed them; they were down for good; then I walked all over them. You armed me well for this fight, you smashed the upstarts. You made my enemies turn tail, and I wiped out the haters. They cried “uncle” but Uncle didn’t come; They yelled for God and got no for an answer. I ground them to dust; they gusted in the wind. I threw them out, like garbage in the gutter.”

10 Comments on He Answers

  1. jwdenlinger
    November 29, 2012 at 5:49 PM (8 years ago)

    Steph and Matt, we’re praying for you both! Love your attitude on beating this, we’re with you!

  2. colorado-glo2girl
    November 29, 2012 at 6:48 PM (8 years ago)

    Praise God for this update!!!! Will be praying throughout the night for the both of you to be able to rest and for tomorrow. For those that God will guide during your surgery… and for complete healing!!!

    Love and Blessings, Joyce Bilodeau

    “Stand up, Lord! Save Stephanie, destroy all the cancer straight on, shatter every bit of it! Rescue comes from the Lord! May Your blessing be on Stephanie and Matt! ”

    Psalm 3:7-8 THE MESSAGE

  3. Ginger
    November 29, 2012 at 6:52 PM (8 years ago)

    Wow. We have a great God who answers prayer. I was just wondering what you had found out today and am so thankful. We will be praying for your surgery! Love, ginger and Dave

  4. Jeanette Dehning
    November 29, 2012 at 7:47 PM (8 years ago)

    Dear Stephanie and Matt,
    I was so very sorry to hear of the return of your cancer. But with your faith and positive attitude and awesome medical team, I am sure the Lord will bless you with a cure and many long and happy years. Hang in there. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
    Jeanette Dehning

  5. linds_r
    November 29, 2012 at 8:05 PM (8 years ago)

    Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you, hope you get a good, clearly defined, scenario number one.

  6. Hilary
    November 29, 2012 at 8:55 PM (8 years ago)

    I am thinking about you and know you and your husband are so strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you for tomorrow. You will beat this.

  7. Kathie Summers
    November 29, 2012 at 9:34 PM (8 years ago)

    Stephanie…I haven’t posted until now but have been a prayer warrior since your journey began. My daughter had your mom-a favorite teacher at Powell and I met your mom there as well (I am also a teacher) -we love your mom and through her FB posts and your journal, we love you and your hubby, too. You are so brave! You are a honor to God. I appreciate your honesty, but ache in my heart for the trials you have faced. You are beautiful and your conquering faith adds to your beauty. The Lord loves you more than anyone! You have my prayers for joy, peace and healing! You are His miracle!

  8. Cheri
    November 29, 2012 at 11:07 PM (8 years ago)

    Hi Stephanie,
    You don’t know me, I’m Joys sister in law. I’m sorry to hear of this news but glad your doctors are acting quickly! I don’t know if anyone has ever talked to you about getting your body alkaline? Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment. You can drink alkaline water & eat certain foods to make your body alkaline. A compound pharmacist can help you. Prayers for you & your family at this difficult time!

  9. One of your followers
    November 30, 2012 at 4:39 AM (8 years ago)

    Kick some ass, girl! Rooting for you!

  10. Koren
    November 30, 2012 at 5:39 AM (8 years ago)

    Praying now Stephanie, as you all are probably preparing for this day already. God woke my son and I a little early this morning, and I know it’s so that we could pray for you. Praying for wisdom for your medical team, praying that every cancer cell is defeated, and praying for you and Matt the peace that passes all human understanding. I know how scary it is to go into an operating room and not know what awaits, but God does. He is with you this morning and always.


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